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FKA Twigs for Google Glass

she is anime

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Turtle enjoying a bath)

shake it fast but watch ya self shake it fast show me what ya working with

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nothing is permanent, the art of letting go

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Unedited picture of rescuers at a shrine near the summit of Mt. Ontake, the volcano which erupted last week, killing at least 51 with 13 still buried under rocks and ash. (Article)

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Dr. Masaru Emoto claimed that our thoughts and feelings affect something as physical as crystal water. 

When playing classical music next to water crystals, they formed beautiful shapes as opposed to playing heavy metal music. 

In addition, when offering a prayer or a blessing or writing positive words next to water crystals they also formed beautiful shapes. As opposed to writing negative words, where they posed incoherent shapes.

Not surprisingly, his works has met with a lot of skepticism and is considered pseudoscience.

Critics claim he had a lot of experimental errors including but not limited to observer bias, not including a double blind procedure and publishing a select few of the pictures instead of the entire collection.

As someone who goes for the science behind paranormal events, I actually agree with the critics.

I think it wouldn’t be so highly criticized if he could explain the missing link. YES, maybe something as intangible as our thoughts and feelings could affect something like water, but how? Any clues as to how this could happen?

This goes for all paranormal experiments in general. 

But I think it’s also upsetting that there hasn’t been much repetition of his experiment. 

I don’t think we should just push it aside because it claims something kind of out of this world. I think we should investigate a little further, to see if it really happens or not, and if so, why it happens. 


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